Frequently Asked Questions


Can you help me make a choice? We ‘re glad to assist and pleased to answer any questions you have in choosing the best thing for you or your partner. If you need additional details or can’t figure out what you’re seeking, just email at and someone will respond as soon as possible.

I have a physical disability or a health issue, would you suggest something that’s going to work for me?

Sure! We can offer and recommend items that are centered on your preferences and we can also make specific suggestions so you can adapt well on your chosen sex toy. Please email us at or contact our livechat agents and someone will get in touch with you.

While we strive hard to ensure that we have an extensive scope of information, we may not be able to address each question. We are not health professionals and we’re not in a position to give medical advice or details. If you do have any questions about the effect of using sex toys or having sex on your health and wellbeing, kindly consult with your doctor.

Why is it so necessary to determine the materials of the sex toy?

The sex toy industry is somewhat loosely regulated. This implies that most items on the market are potentially crafted from unsafe and hazardous materials. For instance, sex toys made of jelly, PVC or TPR, since they are porous, they can’t ever be completely sanitized but instead, continue to carry bacteria and fungi.

Here, we systematically pick the products we carry to guarantee that all are safe for the body. Our insertable toys are composed of non-porous materials including silicone, ABS plastic, or metal. We don’t sell anything that we don’t consider 100% safe.

How loud are the sex toys?

The whisper-mode design allows the device to have a soft and pleasant buzz generated by the engine instead of a loud, whirring noise. The noise from motor-operated pieces could not be avoided, but with the right placement and positioning, it would reduce the volume substantially.


How do I keep my sex toys?

You must keep your sex toys in a dry area, where it is safe from high temperatures. You must ensure that your toys are completely dry and clean before storing them. If you use them daily, it is always safer to leave the batteries out before you store them. Moreover, silicone toys can pick up dirt, hairs, and dust, so we suggest that they are kept in a cotton or satin pack.

How am I supposed to clean my toys?

Most sex toys available can be thoroughly cleaned using warm water and soap. It will wipe it clean and it’s already enough if you use the toy on your own. But, you need a stronger cleaning agent especially if you are sharing the sex toy with somebody else. Only non-porous sex toys, like those made with 100% silicone, glass, wood, ABS plastic, or metal can be sanitized, killing all types of bacteria and fungi. Porous sex toys, such as the one crafted from TPR, will never be fully sanitized and so, therefore, we do not advise sharing such toys.

You could sanitize your toys through:

Immersing them in boiling water for about 3-5 minutes (only possible if the electronic parts can be separated and removed) Soaking or cleaning the toy with a 90 percent water plus 10 percent bleach solution. Simply wash with clean water to eliminate the trace of bleach. Pat dry with a washcloth and leave to dry before charging or storing.

So why does my toy smell bad?

The type of materials and the production process are major factors. Sadly, there is no fast and simple way to eliminate the smell. But, it can decrease considerably if cleaned daily with boiled water and toy cleaner product solutions.

Can I take this toy in the bath, shower, or while swimming in the pool or a waterfall?

Waterproof sex toys (safe to use it in a shower or a bathtub) are specifically indicated on the product or in the packaging. But once it is not classified as waterproof, we would not advise soaking it in water. The waterproof sex toys are water-resistant up to 1 meter but are not equipped to be submerged under deep water. This simply means that it is safe to clean and wash the product as per the directions in the manual, purposefully preventing the submersion and allowing the water further into the DC socket or anywhere around the buttons. Sex toys with a built-in charger or connector should not be used near the water or any water source and can be spot-cleaned only when disconnected. Vasexod shall not be responsible for any injuries arising from the improper usage of any sex toy.

Could I use condoms whilst having fun with Vasexod’s products?
Always follow the manufacturer ‘s guidelines while using condoms.